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Past Updates
25 January, 2012
Pages updated: Naoto Takizawa's bio, Items/Artillery, Vehicles/Zords, Toys, and a ton new Daniel pictures have been uploaded.

21 January, 2012
"Links" page has been updated. Broken links removed, tons of links added and are now sorted.

10 January, 2012
This is Part 1 of my QP! website wave of updates. ^^ (Following one of my New Year's Resolutions.)
I present, the new layout! Much more ordered and neat. You will notice the new pages, though nothing has been added yet. Stay tuned for more updates!

25 October, 2011
The "Changes" page has received a make-over. It's now divided by series and contains a ton more information.

14 September, 2011
New link on Dan's bio page for the Official Daniel Southworth Facebook Fan Page. ^^ Gathering quotes and more for the next update.

2 March, 2010
The lyrics have been updated with TONS of new ones (And I mean TONS!) ^_^. Check them out! And I've reorganized them all, so hopefully it's easier to navigate.

13 February, 2010
Added tons more quotes to Mighty Morphin', Zeo, Turbo, Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, and Dino Thunder. Some have lots, others only a few new ones. Re-doing the lyrics page, fixing lyrics, and typing up a lot more. Expect that and a large picture update soon. And Eric updates.

25 January, 2010
Quotes page is up with quotes from MMPR to PRNS. I don't know if I'll do DT & SPD or not. Updated the Trivia page with something for everything season and movie. And I've updated Dan's filmography bio.

12 January, 2010
The Allies and Enemies pages have been updated, and separated into "Zordon-Era" and "Post-Zordon", as well as Allied ~ Other Rangers".

10 January, 2010
Updated here and there in the Cast Pages. Working on Allies/Enemies Pages.

2 January, 2010
Here's the first update of 2010! And here's what's been updated:
~The Other Rangers page has been split into three pages: Zordon-Era Rangers, Post-Zordon Rangers, & Post-Zordon Rangers ('03+) (aka New Zealand Rangers ^_^).
~Every bio has been updated on the RANGER info.
~Coming Soon: Cast bio updates, Quotes, pics, Eric pages updates.

23 December, 2009
I'm re-doing the cast page, breaking it up by series, and also keeping the Master List. TONS of new names have been added to every season, and I completed SPD's list. Everything's up, except the Master List which I'm finishing up. I've also fixed the links in the articles page. NEXT DAY: The Master List is complete and up! Yay! I also added the cast picture to Trent's bio, updated Blake, Hunter, Tori, Dustin, and Shane's cast pics. Now all that's left is to find Cruger's. See you next year!

16 December, 2009
I've added a new section, titled "My Videos". These are the videos I've made in the past couple of years, and put up on Youtube. There aren't any specific Power Rangers videos, but I do have the first two of my Kingdom Hearts/Power Rangers openings up! Check them out!

28 July, 2009
Oooh... An update. *dodges thrown items from neglecting site* 10 new Dan Southworth pics are up, three from Forever Red. A lot of the ranger bios are being updated slowly, and a ton of pics have been added to the Photobucket Power Rangers gallery. More soon to come!

29 April, 2008
It's taken me awhile, but it's here! New layout and updated information. I haven't yet finished everything, there are still sections waiting to be updated, but I'll get to them. Now, besides the new layout with a banner I really like, Most of the rangers cast (including Dan Southworth's) has been updated. From MMPR to PRSPD. Phew. There are also two new Eric pics, three new Dan pics, and more birthdays. The new page for Quotes is up, but there's nothing there yet, as I gather them together. And more Facts are coming. I'm back on the updating. Actually, because I've been updating, I've been wanting to watch Power Rangers again, namely Space, Time Force, and the movies. Oh, one more thing. I'm moving this summer and am selling some things. This includes a Pink Time Force TF Fighter Figure, a Quantum Morpher, and some non-PR Halloween costumes. Check it out. The link's above.

31 March, 2008
*pushes some cobwebs aside* Wow, it's been so long since I did a real update. I haven't really neglected the site, well maybe a little... But, though I still really like Daniel Southworth, my interest in Power Rangers has wained. Time Force was the last season I saw in full. So, I'm planning a new layout (I temp. did a new one now) and a new section of Quotes I gathered years ago. I'm also putting some pictures on my Photobucket account. When it's all done, I'll put the link up. I'm most likely not going to add the Rangers starting with Mystic Force, I haven't seen any of them. So, that's about it. After I'm done with my CardCaptor Sakura: Tsubasa site I'll move on to this one and Sailor Moon Kingdom. See you soon.

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